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Replicate Your Ideal Patients

Dec 9th, 2015 | Category: Featured Articles

As the saying goes, quality is better than quantity. But what if you could have both? That’s what we call a win-win situation, and when it comes to your dental patients, it can be done.

Marketing a New Dental Practice

Jul 22nd, 2015 | Category: Featured Articles

It doesn’t matter whether you are a recent dental school graduate getting started, a more experienced dentist who has been working with another practice for some years, or a seasoned professional who is relocating or buying a new practice.

Use Your Dental Newsletter to Encourage Appointment Booking

Jun 17th, 2015 | Category: Featured Articles

Newsletters are an ideal, subtle, professional way for dentists to keep in touch with patients on a regular basis. This keeps their practice top-of-mind and makes each patient who receives the newsletter feel valued. It also helps keep family dental care a priority.

Create a Dental Marketing Plan in Five Steps

May 14th, 2015 | Category: Featured Articles

“If you don’t know where you are going, you’ll end up someplace else.” Yogi Berra’s classic quote certainly rings true when it comes to planning a dental marketing campaign. Too many dentists find their practices going “someplace else”—and it’s not where they would like.

Building a Patient-Centric Practice

Mar 24th, 2015 | Category: Featured Articles

Is your practice patient-centric? You probably answered with an emphatic “Yes!” But to be truly patient-centric, general dentists and specialists must go above and beyond average patient care.

How to Calculate the Value of a New Dental Patient

Mar 10th, 2015 | Category: Featured Articles

Do you know how to calculate the value of a new patient? How much does the average new patient contribute to your bottom line over the course of his or her relationship with you? And, how can those dollars be extended exponentially? Let’s look at how these significant questions can be answered.

Should Dental Specialists Compete on Prices?

Feb 24th, 2015 | Category: Featured Articles

Every specialist we talk to agrees on one thing: The dental field is tough, and it’s not getting any easier to be competitive.

Livvie Matthews on Attracting Dental Patients

Jan 20th, 2015 | Category: Featured Articles

Livvie Matthews, creator of The Power Up For Clients System, shares her thoughts on getting and keeping dental patients.

Colin Receveur Shares His Top Three Dental Marketing Tips

Dec 10th, 2014 | Category: Featured Articles

We sat down with Web marketing expert Colin Receveur and asked him to share his thoughts on current trends in dental marketing.

Word of Mouth: 10 Ways Dentists Can Get More Patient-to-Patient Referrals

Dec 4th, 2014 | Category: Featured Articles

Dentists spend a lot of time examining their patients’ mouths, but frequently don’t spend enough time using them…to spread the word about their practices! Here are 10 tips dentists can use to get their patients talking.